Imagine Kidz blogging guidelines

  1. Why should I write for #IK, and who is the audience


When you write for us, you become part of our family and movement. Not only will you get a lot exposure and credibility, you have the potential to connect with some of our influential bloggers if they like your post. Our community is a friendly and active group, consisting of an Afrikaans and

English audience, experts and layman, and we like to help each other out.



#Imagine Kidz hopes to create a portal with updated articles that focusses on children aged 10-12, that any youth worker, volunteer or parent  might need, and can use with ease in their unique contexts.


With this blog we hope to create a network of experts readily accessible to youth workers, volunteers and parents serving as children ministers at a church, or even a school.


Your contribution will also be embedded on


  1. What makes a good #IK post?


Write for youth workers, volunteers and parents spending a part of their time guiding children, aged 10-12, to make sense of their faith in the world of today. Address their needs, fears, challenges burning questions pain points.


Have, and hone, a main message. Edit your intro so that the point of your post is ridiculously clear and focussed to equip those working with children aged 10-12 years old.


Be sure that you do not promote any denominational doctrines above any other. Our values are:


We believe Jesus is King


God’s Word is our foundation


We serve our community and country in unity


We are multi-cultural


We believe that the future lies in the hands of our children 


Be prescriptive: don't just tell readers what to do. Explain how


Tell a story, like a journalist: Cover who, what, when, where, how and why. Make it personal: share what you have seen, done, lessons you've learned, etc.


Make it concrete: give examples


Make it long enough to engage and enrich readers (and no longer)


Self-disclosure: Please disclose any relationships/partnerships you have when providing examples (e.g. if an example comes from a client or your company.


Avoid of explain buzz words: some of our readers feel turned off by geek-speak.


Be thoughtful when including links. Posts with too many links back to your domain will look spammy and will be rejected.


Self-promotion: avoid  promotion your tool or company in your post.


Use friendly voice: Say 'I', 'we'.


Include high res images and or video or infographic


Incorporate utility content. Share templates, checklists, step-by-step instructions


Give credit: check your facts and quotations


Let your heart show.


  1. What topics is #IK looking for


Developmental phases of children aged between 10-12.

Practical ways to discipline children and volunteers

How do the law apply to children ministry

How to look out for bullying/abuse

What do you do once bullying/abuse is suspected

What does the Children's Act say.

Children and depression

Children and PTSD


If there is a topic that you think is relevant for youth workers, volunteers and parents, please feel free to submit a suggestion to


  1. How do I submit a post to #IK


Your bio: Bio should be approximately 60 words and should include your Twitter handle, as well as any other relevant links you wish to display: your blog, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, website URL, etc. This is a great place to include any promotional or gated links as we generally don’t allow them in the body copy.

Your headshot: Send us a headshot of you. It makes your contribution more personal and easier to associate with as author.

Supporting images, interactive content, or videos: Don’t worry about the cover image, we’ll take care of that. But here are tips on the other kinds of media you may want to include:

  • Images (PNG, JPG): Provide any high res images you would like to include within your Word doc. When saving your images, please provide a descriptive name (e.g. content-marketing-personas-image1)
  • Infographics, videos, and interactive content: Include the embed code for the infographic within your Word doc.


Send your contribution to in a Word Formatted document.

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