#Imagine Kidz is a branch of the National #Imagine movement that was started in 2014. This part of the movement focuses on children between the ages of 10-12 years.


#Imagine Kidz is a nationwide dream, and we want to start by bringing children together from everywhere!

Each #Imagine Kidz experience will be hosted during the holidays of June, October or December.


An experience will be build around a 3 day event, similar to that of a traditional holiday club. During this experience there will be a focus on praise & worship, relevant activities and arts and crafts. Some hosts might even serve a light meal.

The #Imagine Kidz experience will have one focus: To empower children to transform their homes and schools with the healing power of Christ.



Between the ages of ten & twelve, children starts to develop the ability to understand and conceive abstract concepts and ideas. They are beginning to understand what the impact of their actions might be on someone else, on the community or on themselves.


The good news is that a child’s dreams are not easily trampled. With hope for a future filled with purpose, a child may feel free to embrace a dream, that empowers them to serve those around them.


#Imagine Kidz hope to ignite the dreams of children. #Imagine Kidz hope to inspire, empower and disciple children to live responsibly at home, the school and the church. #Imagine Kidz believe that children are active participants within each and every community and culture. They do not just receive the culture anymore, they are starting to develop the culture.