Please read before you apply

  • Before you can register as a host, you need to apply to be a host. This process will ensure that we can:


1. Monitor distribution of #Imagine Kidz Experiences across the country.

2. Link potential hosts to registered hosts near each other.


  • We would like to ensure that, as host, you:
    1. Agree and maintain #Imagine Kidz values and vision.
    2. Host an event that crosses cultural and economic boundaries within your community.
    3. Host an event that invites and welcomes all cultures, languages and denominations within your community to participate at an #Imagine Kidz experience.
    4. Will not promote a particular cause, of belief, or doctrine, other than that of the grace, forgiveness and salvation that Jesus made possible by dying on the cross and rising to the right hand of God.
    5. Are fully committed to seeing your event through, from start to finish.
    6. Will do the best you can with what you have to host an #Imagine Kidz experience.
    7. Understand this application does not mean that you are registered as a host for an #Imagine Kidz experience. 
  • After your application has been processed, and approved, you will receive the link to register as a host.
  • Only after the registration form has been completed, the registration fee of R450 needs to be paid.

You are only considered a host once the registration form and registration fee has been received.





1 May 2019

june/july holidays

1 August 2019

september/october holidays

1 OCTOBER 2019

december holidays