At ‪#Imagine 2016‬ ‪#Imagine Kidz hosted our first workshop. Johan Botes went around and recorded a short clip of what each workshops about. Here is a 1-minute breakdown of #Imagine Kidz.

A video that explains it all


You might not like to read a lot of information on a website, but you enjoy taking the time to watch a video to learn new things.

We have compiled a 40 minute video that contains all the answers to your questions about #Imagine Kidz! We tried keeping it bilingual. If it is too much of Afrikaans, cross #bridges and invite an Afrikaans speaking friend over for coffee!

Valuable skills to use at your #Imagine Kidz Experience

We want to empower and equip as many of our leaders and volunteers as possible so that they can host an effective and efficient #Imagine Kidz experience.


We have compiled a FREE 40-minute mini-workshop that you can download, watch, and share with your friends, leaders, and volunteers!

We do hope that this inspires you to dream, believe and do

Key skills to think about when hosting an #Imagine Kidz experience